Friday, February 10, 2012

Updated Subscription Information

We offer help with five different types of essays:
  • PSAT/SAT Writing
  • STAAR (the Texas state assessment) Writing (in high school, this is called the EOC or end-of-course exam)
  • College admission
  • A.P. English Literature and Composition/A.P. English Language and Composition
  • A.P. U.S. History
You can subscribe based on the number of essays you want help with, and on the amount of time you want to subscribe.

If you only want to subscribe from now until the end of this school year (through June, 2012), here are the rates:

One type of essay: $50
Two types of essays: $75
Three OR four types of essays: $100
All five: $125

If you want to subscribe from now until June 2013 (this school year and the next), here are the rates:

One type of essay: $150
Two types of essays: $200
Three OR four types of essays: $250
All five: $299

Once you subscribe, you can submit as many essays as you want, of that type. For example, if you choose two types of essays (SAT and A.P. U.S. History, for example), you can submit as many practice essays in those areas as you want, during your subscription period. We will post a new prompt each week, so you can do as many as one per week. You can also submit revised versions of the ones that we evaluate for you, and we'll tell you how you did.

Family discounts are available. For more information, email us at or call us at (817) 875-6056.

How to Use Our Service

Currently, we use the Edmodo platform for our content. Here's how to join the Write2Xcel group.

Get a parent and log onto the Internet.
Click on “I’m a Student.”
Then, enter “glhrb6” when it asks you for the group code (all lower case).
Then, enter your information and submit it.
Then, you’ll be a part of our group. Welcome!
Check out the sample assignments, and give one a try. The Edmodo system looks a lot like Facebook, and it’s very simple to use.
We will email you feedback with 2-3 days of your submission. The first evaluation is free of charge.
Then, we will send you a message through Edmodo with more information, to see if your parents would like to subscribe to our service for the rest of this school year – or this school year and the next.

Welcome to Write2Xcel!

Studies have shown that one of the major gaps that students have when they leave high school and enter college is in written communication. Instruction in the classroom is not preparing students adequately for college-level writing.

At Write2Xcel, we intend to fill that gap. We provide no-cost tutoring to low-income students in the Dallas area, and we also provide tutoring to students on a fee basis. We are currently conducting a series of classes in the Plano community. These are free to all, and we include feedback on one written essay with the class.
Individual tutoring can make all the difference for beginning writers.