Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New Writing Prompts...

We have new writing prompts for SAT Writing, AP English Lit, AP English Language, AP U.S. History, and the Texas STAAR/EOC assessments for grades 7-11. You can see them here:

7th grade STAAR (narrative)
7th grade STAAR (expository)
Texas EOC for English III (persuasive)
Texas EOC for English III (literary-analytical)
Texas EOC for English II (persuasive)
Texas EOC for English II (expository)
Texas EOC for English I (literary)
Texas EOC for English I (expository)
AP English Lit
AP English Language
AP U.S. History

Feel free to use these in your classroom -- no commercial uses, please see licensing below.

If your student would like to use our feedback service, give them these instructions:

Get a parent and log onto the Internet.
Click on “I’m a Student.”
Then, enter “glhrb6” when it asks you for the group code (all lower case).
Then, enter your information and submit it.
Then, you’ll be a part of our group. Welcome!
Check out the sample assignments, and give one a try. The Edmodo system looks a lot like Facebook, and it’s very simple to use.
We will email you feedback with 2-3 days of your submission. The first evaluation is free of charge.
Then, we will send you a message through Edmodo with more information, to see if your parents would like to subscribe to our service for the rest of this school year – or this school year and the next.

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